The End is Nowhere Near

Throw your fear away and start a fire.
Get angry and get to the streets.
Rise up and give them hell

V0l 1. Crash Normal

With the upcoming and much awaited Crash Normal gig in Katarameno Syndromo on 27 Feb 2010, we took the chance to make a quick mix with music from Crash Normal, Acid Baby Jesus, Caveman Joe and other bands that Crash Normal is either affiliated with or that we plainly love. Listen though you can never know what to expect on that night.


01. Crash Normal – Finger Shower
02. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – I Wear Black
03. Thee Oh Sees – Rainbow
04. The Hospitals – Getting Out Of Bed
05. Acid Baby Jesus – It’s On Me
06. Sic Alps – Hey! Sophia
07. Mayyors – Metro
08. The Intelligence – Dating Cops
09. Crash Normal – Flying To NY
10. Eat Skull – Heavens Stranger
11. Woven Bones – Your Sorcery
12. Coachwhips – The Witch
13. Caveman Joe – No Winners Blues
14. Crash Normal – Standing In The Queue

-Nolo Areola of K.S

“Spring Is Here, Brush Your Teeth and Break Some Bones”

29/4/2010 (World Dance Day wouldn’t you know)

So, i should be doing other things, but i thought i’d make a tape with all the cool songs i’ve been enjoying lately.  some of which i wouldn’t know, were it not for this here lil’ group of people we call K/S.    Ok, here goes.   Enjoy.
Side A1. The Spits – Tonight

2. The Hex Dispensers – Are You an Assassin?

3. Acid Baby Jesus – Codeine Party

4.  Movie Star Junkies – Do the Kick

5.  Aas – You Got to Know bitch

6. 24 Hours – Black Hole

7. White Denim – Let’s Talk About It

8. King Khan & the BBQ Show – I Wanna Be a Girl

Side B

1. Diskelma – Reality Strikes Again

2. Victims – Scars

3. Tragedy – No End in Sight

4. Delete The Mass – Democratia

5. Bazooka – Detox

6. The Intellectuals – Life’s Joke

7. Despite Everything – Castaways

8. ‘Ορεξη Για Τίποτα – Γνήσιος Έλληνας του 2000

9. Bernays Propaganda – My Personal Holiday

(Maybe once i learn how to make a podcast and got more patience with my computer i’ll upload a pod full of  Mpea3)


Lid Kid  of  K/S